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Darci Murray and Rhonda Dashevsky know sports team travel inside out , backwards and forwards. They get it. Having worked with an abundance of high performing academies, clubs, schools, associations and teams they can take on any chaotic event and make it seamless. They understand the importance of 2 queen beds vrs 2 double beds they know that if a player sleeps on a pull-out couch the team will be at a disadvantage playing the next day. It’s understood that a free breakfast can save a team hundreds of dollars that there is a huge difference between a continental breakfast and a full hot buffet breakfast. Darci and Rhonda have great relationships with hotel managers and charter companies in most tournament friendly cities. It’s critical to deal with a travel expert when it comes to sporting events. There is no room for error. Teams need to play at a set time. Reliable connections with suppliers that have proved themselves in the past are essential to a team’s success when traveling.