Van Convoy Delivered...

By Darci Murray

Effective Time Management

11:00 pm and my phone rings! It’s a coach. The flight he was on with 3 hockey teams (64 people) was delayed and landed into destination later than scheduled. Coach is standing at the car rental kiosk and it’s closed. He has 57 hockey players that need to get to their hotel ASAP so they can sleep and perform at the mornings scheduled game. I have to say, I adore this coach. When I answer the phone he is calm, I mean coaches need to be calm right? Games are full of intense moments and players look to the coaches for reassurance. Coach simply says “Darci we have a problem, we have no vans”. I advised coach to simply jump into taxis and get the players to the hotel so they could sleep. At that particular moment the most important thing was to get the players to bed as quickly as possible. The next morning while the players and coaches were having breakfast 6 - 15 passenger vans were delivered to the hotel with all the prepared paperwork and coaches only had to provide a signature. All taxi fares were reimbursed by the rental agency. All the phone calls and case stating was done by me, the teams travel agent. Coaches should coach, players should play and travel agents should do their job. That is how you win games when traveling!